Summer Wrap: Round 3

Apaches vs Ice Wolves (Div 3)
Apaches faced off against Ice Wolves for what was sure to be a feisty match up. The fans weren’t disappointed. Expecting a very tough match the Apaches brought their game faces and held the Ice Wolves to only the one goal in the tightly fought first period. Two goals past our skilful fill-in goalie Samantha in the second proved Ice Wolves as PK experts in the second. Eight penalties for rough play and other misdemeanours in the one period was not enough to slow our opponents down. Luckily Patrick Fah’s tenacity for rebounds was rewarded with the only goal for Braves to end the second. Ice Wolves managed another goal in the dying moments of the game thanks to the leading goal scorer on their side. The final 4-1 scoreline was not reflective of the effort displayed by the Apaches in some very fierce situations. The team was very happy with the result along with the very obvious headway the team is making to soon become a true force to be reckoned with.

Mohicans vs Pirates (Div 4)
On a very late Thursday night the Mohicans faced a very experienced side in the Pirates. We knew it would be a tough game from the get go with the Pirates putting on 18 shots to 3, but the team managed to hold them to one goal. It was more of the same in the second with the Pirates taking another 18 shots, returning three goals, but the period ended with a nice breakway goal from Steve Osborne assisted by Callum Pullyblank to bring the scoreline to 1-4. Another three goals conceded in the third, brought teh final result to a 1-7 loss, in a tough game against a highly organised team. MVP of the match was Mat Peagram who faced a crazy 59 shots in net making 52 saves.

Demons 3 vs Cherokees (Div 3)
The last game of grading and it was the Cherokees vs Demons 3, with Jacob Hoch filling a vacancy in net. Richard Burt (A.K.A Burty), scored an incredible goal within the first period to begin the game and start the team off with some momentum. It was answered by Demons who scored just before the end of the first. Throughout the game it was back and forth with goals from both teams, with Tom Lawler & Jack Martin scoring the other 2 goals for the Kees. A couple of penalties allowed the Demons to get ahead, and stay there for the remainder of the game. Despite a 3-5 loss, the team continues to improve, with this game being the best of the short season so far.

Tigersharks vs Navajos (Div 2)
This week’s battle for the Navajos was always going to be a challenge on the big ice with the regular roster whittled down to only 11 skaters and [Enter Stage Right] our new goalie, Justin Powell. With the locker room banter squared away and the energetic pre-game speech taking effect Navajos headed out giddy with enthusiasm to do battle with the Tiger Sharks. For this journo, the key standout was the new bloke Justin, who definitely got his monies worth, stopping 33 shots … So high five JP as it could have been much uglier. Our warrior-women were not to be out-done. Debi Hansberry (straight off the film set in her latest “Gun-show” episode), Sharon Orgad (who was very nearly a late scratching from the bookies) and our very own Elastoplast pin up girl Bianca Cassar definitely made a statement setting the tone with healthy work ethic, tenacity and “pint-sized” grit that has the punters and analysts in a whirlwind of excitement for the season to come … it was great to watch.

Conceding 20 for 2 in the first period (38 shots over the game) was clearly not in the master plan. This team has a player mix representative of every level of game-time experience … so the cogs aren’t naturally going to lineup. When the final numbers came in this week it did highlight a key stat … we are getting better as a team every shift, every game. With legs burning and heads still firmly in the game, we came back in the last period to out hassle, out shoot and bedazzle our opposition with some great moments at both ends of the rink. After some near misses, the Navajos only goal of the night came from very composed corner work by Sharon Orgad passing tape-to-tape to Simon Holmes hovering at the top of the slot who tagged the goalies pad for a rebound that was decisively ambushed by Mark Samwells who made sure it went in. When the final siren sounded the scoreboard voted 5-1 to the Tiger-sharks.

Comanches vs Jets Force (Div 5)
The Comanches faced off against Jets Force in the final round of grading games. Sadly the team went down 9-0 but not without a fight. After a tough first period the Comanches started to pick up the pace and apply more pressure to the Jets, who were a skilful team for div 5. Special mentions go to Gary the Goalie who had some spectacular saves, blocking a total 23 attempts by the Jets. Also to Chris Beards for, not only playing his first game in defence, but switching part way through to forward. Stars went to: Ryan Kaye 3, Alan Taylor 2, and Jackie Muckner 1.

Hellas vs Kiowa (Div 1)
A 10.30pm game on a Sunday night was always going to be tough, especially against a strong team like the Hellas and with only 10 skaters taking the ice. Kiowa put up a strong fight against the physical team, unfortunately going down 12-1 by the end of the game. A standout performance from all, especially fill in goalie Ajay Hill, who didn’t concede a single goal during a 5 on 3 penalty kill despite plenty of shots from the Hellas. Stand in coach Daniel Fuentes ensured the team that goals would come in our favour if we kept playing the way we were and sure enough they did in the final 3 minutes, with a power play goal from Chris Bridgett, assisted by James Pattison, ruining the opposition’s chance of a shut out.