2018 Draft Report – Fortune favours the Braves!

Another year and another draft…the Braves sent in the scouts, did our research, and believe we have walked away from the trading and draft process with some great up and coming talent this year!

Isaac Norris is a 19yo Brisbane defenseman who moved to Melbourne with eyes firmly set on the AIHL.  He has played representative hockey for Queensland since 2013 in Tange and the AJIHL with the Brisbane Blitz in 2017/18.  His attitude, solid skating and puck skillset will see him represent the Braves in Premier A Grade for 2018.

Hollie Bolton is another defensive acquisition for the Braves in 2018… but the real scoop is that she chose us!  A former Australian NWT member in 2012, Hollie played representative hockey for South Australia, and joined Melbourne Ice Women in their 2017/18 Joan McKoewn Championship winning season.  She will be the first woman to play for the Braves Reserve team (B Grade) … assertive, smart and hardworking, we are very happy to have her on board.

Rémi Béland is a 20yo native of Montreal who has called Melbourne home for several years. He has represented Victoria from Ginsberg to the AJIHL, and last laced up the skates for the Melbourne Whalers in 2015.  His return to hockey is timely as he is an excellent skater and playing defence will thrive well in the challenging but rewarding environment in the coming years … another great win for the Braves!

Sam Bunker is a 17yo recent arrival from the United States. He showed excellent versatile hockey and skating skillsets during the Junior Draft skate that did not miss the sharp eyes of our recruitment scouts.

Other trades and steals are …

  • Alex Barnes has converted to ice after 15 years of inline hockey. He will add some score board power after a successful season as the IHV Summer 2017/18 D3 League Highest Point Scorer, playing for the Blackhawks 47s.
  • Anthony Tran is another winter convert from the summer league, bringing a solid skillset and experience we can put to good use.
  • ‘Charlie’ Jiang Deping has been drafted from the Nite Owls. With a great shot, he adds terrific depth to our roster.
  • We’re delighted to announce that after representing the Braves in summer, Dallas Barnhill will be joining our winter program. Dallas is a skilful player with a high work-rate, who will be an asset to our forward line.
  • We’re also picking up Dan Peters from our summer program. A great teammate, Dan is strong on the puck, constantly improving, and is a welcome addition to our blue line.
  • The final member of our Braves summer trio is John Hawkey. Moving up the ranks quickly, John is a hardworking, tenacious winger who brings speed, energy and intensity to every contest.
  • Our rookie is Kia van der Vliet.  She is a multisport athlete and recent enthusiastic hockey convert that we feel we can help in this great game.
  • Last but not least is Mark Dempster. A former Blackhawk, Mark is an experienced defenseman that has traded to our club this season.

We are delighted to welcome these new additions to our club, and look forward to a successful season ahead.

Unforunately, every season sees players come and go, and this year we say goodbye to Jenelle Carson as she moves clubs to play with family. Jenelle played in net for the Braves and takes her considerable experience and skillset with her. She will be missed, and we wish her the best of luck at the Demons.