2019 Draft Report

This season we are continuing to build on our long term plan of depth, development and opportunity. We are excited to introduce to you all of our new players, and looking forward to their contribution to the 2019 season and beyond.

  • Jacob Haley is a great pick up from the Saints Premier A team. A defenseman, he also captained the Melbourne Glaciers in the AJIHL.
  • Jakub TerĨ comes to us from the Czech Republic by way of New Zealand and has a wealth of experience across various leagues.
  • Lucas Dobson – a reliable scout (thanks John Belic!) tipped us off accurately and early on this selection. Lucas has 15 yearrs of Div 1 inline experience and has recently made a move onto ice.
  • Rhys Millington is a defender with ECSL and AIHL experience with the Newcastle Northstars.
  • Miles Slater looks to be a handy forward from England, and has previously represented his country at youth levels.
  • Hailing from Canada where he played A before moving into rec hockey, Jason Jhauj looks like he will fit nicely into our squad.
  • Another former inliner, Elvis Snopek played defense for Saints in Summer Division 1 and will be a handy addition to our ranks.
  • A young addition to our squad, Aaron Cowell played in summer season with the Young Guns.
  • Ben Kirker is an all rounder from Canberra. A short track skater, he migrated to hockey a few years back.
  • Timothy Fist is a new member of our sport that did well enough for us to pick him up. We believe he will fit in well.
  • Ashley Spiteri is coming back to hockey after a break and showed all the hallmarks of a fantastic Brave recruit.
  • No stranger to the Braves, Justin Powell has impressed us since joining our summer squad, and will now transition across to our winter roster.

Whilst we have plenty of new arrivals, we also have a few departures to announce. We wish Shayne Dalton, Liam Mallet and Austin Fenyes all the best as they join friends and family at the Blackhawks. We also say goodbye Julian Szlawski as he chases opportunity at the Saints, and John Baker who is headed to the Demons.